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North American Weather Consultants
Air Quality Services

A few of our Air Quality Services are listed below. If you don't see the service you desire, please contact us to discuss your needs in further detail.

Ambient Monitoring for Criteria/Toxic Pollutants

Few companies in the country can offer their clients such a long history of performing ambient monitoring work. North American Weather Consultants has offered ambient monitoring services since 1970 and continues today as a leader in this field. Our philosophy is to make quality assurance/quality control the controlling factors of any ambient monitoring program. Ambient monitoring is a time-consuming, resource-intensive effort and every detail must be triple-checked in order to achieve the highest data recovery and data quality possible. We can provide any or all of the following services/equipment: ambient monitoring shelters, data acquisition systems, specialized air intake manifolds, a variety of instrumentation for measurement of criteria pollutants (oxides of nitrogen (NO, NO2, NOX), SO2, O3, CO, PM10, PM2.5, TSP/Pb). We also offer ambient monitoring for air toxics, including canister sampling, TO methods 1-14, puff samplers, cartridge sampling, and a variety of other sampling techniques. We also offer a full line of auditing and calibration services. If your sampling needs are not listed or you wish to discuss your particular needs in more detail, please contact us. We are sure we can provide you with the sampling program you require.

Meteorological Monitoring

As with ambient monitoring, North American Weather Consultants has a long history of performing meteorological monitoring. We have been collecting meteorological data since the 1950's. Our company is comprised primarily of meteorologists who are very familiar with the subtleties of obtaining and interpreting meteorological data. This factor has allowed North American Weather Consultants to consistently offer their clients the highest data collection percentage and the most representative data available. As with ambient monitoring data, we place quality assurance foremost. All monitoring data are routinely interrogated and scrutinized by a Certified Consulting Meteorologist for reasonableness. We offer the following services: meteorological tower installations, siting, data acquisition systems, a full line of meteorological sensors such as wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, and atmospheric stability. We also offer independent performance and system audits or instrument calibrations. Please contact us

for further information.

Atmospheric Tracer Studies/Model Validation Studies 

North American Weather Consultants is the world leader in providing atmospheric dispersion studies using tracer technologies. We have conducted tracer studies domestically and overseas since the early 1970's and continue today, serving clients' special needs in the U.S.A., South America, the Far East and Europe. Tracer studies are typically performed to "finger-print" a specific source to determine the transport and dispersion of a pollutant from a specific source and the subsequent ambient impact due solely to the source. This technique can be very helpful when there are multiple sources in the area which all emit a similar pollutant. Other uses of tracer studies include ambient monitoring station site selection, model validation efforts (comparing predicted model concentration to actual measured concentrations), and pure transport and dispersion to better understand movement away from a source (especially useful in complex terrain). We have the capabilities of running ground-based tracer experiments using automated portable samplers to collect whole-air samples which are later analyzed for a man-made tracer gas. We own nearly 100 of these instruments. We can also provide real-time (400 milliseconds) tracer measurements using our real-time continuous analyzers from moving platforms such as mobile vans or one of our research aircraft (outfitted with data acquisition systems, supplemental probes and GPS receivers). Tracers can be tracked anywhere from property fenceline to more than 100 kilometers downwind, depending on atmospheric conditions and the tracer release rate. If you have a potential tracer application, please contact us.


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