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Corporate Background of
North American Weather Consultants

North American Weather Consultants (NAWC) is one of the longest-standing private meteorological consulting firms in the United States.   In 1970, NAWC received the American Meteorological Society's prestigious Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation "for its pioneering the practice of private meteorology in the United States..."   We have been providing high quality, innovative consulting services to clients domestically and abroad for more than 50 years.   This page provides some background on NAWC, describes who we are, what we do, and the underlying philosophy that drives our business approach and corporate standards.

Corporate History - NAWC has provided meteorological, weather modification, and air quality consulting services since its establishment in 1950.   We have a long, proud history of providing our clients with complete, focused consulting services.   Our underlying corporate philosophy and business approach have withstood the test of time.   NAWC operated as a private corporation until being acquired by a large, publicly-traded corporation in 1992.   In 1999, NAWC separated from the parent firm, resuming its operations as a private corporation.

NAWC was established in the Santa Barbara, California area in 1950 and maintained its headquarters there until 1980, when the corporate offices were relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah.   Our offices are currently located in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Our Corporate Philosophy - NAWC's corporate philosophy hinges on pride in our work and a clear focus on our clients' specific needs.   Clients hire consultants to help them find answers to their problems/needs, each within a context of specific circumstances.   Our simple approach is to listen very closely to our clients from the outset, and then tailor our work to address their specific needs.   This approach leads to focused, timely, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our Corporate Structure - NAWC consists of two primary divisions: 1) Weather Modification, including a broad spectrum of operations and research projects and 2) Applied Meteorology, involving a wide variety of activities in the areas of extreme precipitation (probable maximum precipitation), forecasting, climatology, and forensics.

North American Weather Consultants, Inc.

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Telephone:   801-942-9005

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Contacts:  Garrett Cammans, President

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