North American Weather Consultants, Inc.  (NAWC)
The world's longest-standing private cloud seeding (weather modification) company.
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  • Incorporated in 1950, NAWC has nearly 60 years of continuous involvement in weather modification.

  • NAWC was founded as a weather modification company.   Weather modification has always been NAWC's primary specialty.

  • NAWC is recognized internationally as a leader in the weather modification field, in research and operations.

  • NAWC received the American Meteorological Society's prestigious "Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation" in 1970 for pioneering the practice of private meteorology in the United States.

  • NAWC has conducted weather modification projects and provided consulting services in many countries outside the United States, including Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East.

  • Our weather modification activities and contributions are well known, through our hundreds of publications and reports.

  • Our extensive client list includes hydroelectric utilities, government agencies, water districts, universities and private entities.

  • NAWC's client satisfaction rating is consistently very high, due to NAWC's ongoing commitment to carefully determine and fully address each client's specific needs.   We always tailor our services to our clients' interests and circumstances.

  • NAWC offers the full spectrum of weather modification services, ranging from basic research to feasibility studies and reviews of existing projects, and from start-up services to full-service operational projects.

  • We offer the full range of cloud seeding capabilities, including ground-based and airborne seeding systems, appropriate support systems, and ground-based and airborne seeding plume tracking, using tracer technology.

  • NAWC stands ready to address your specific weather modification interests.  We can help.

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