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Current Weather and Forecasts:

National Weather Service main page
NWS Forecast Offices Weather Visualization  (Global map of current and forecast winds, temperatures, and other weather variables)
MesoWest Data  (Current weather at automated stations around the US)  (Map includes current conditons, forecast model data, etc in right panel)  (The Weather Channel online)
CoCoRaHS Precipitation reporting network precipitation probability forecasts
EPA Air Quality  (Current air quality information around the US)
SPC Analyses  (Current mesoscale analyses by the Storm Prediction Center)
Weather Prediction Center  (Precipitation forecasts, weather maps, etc)
Long-Range Forecasts  (Long-range, including CPC seasonal and IRI seasonal forecasts)

Road Conditions:

Department of Transportation - Clickable U.S. Map and Canada Map
Link to Traffic/Highway Cameras in the U.S.
Weather and highway cameras in the western U.S.
Weatherbug cameras

Current Weather Graphics:  (Surface and Upper-Air Maps, Satellite and Radar Images, etc)  (A varitey of customized displays including satellite, radar, and forecast models)  (Global displays of various current and forecast meteorological paramenters) Weather Visualization  (Can overlay different weather variables on a map, for surface or select pressure level)
Google Earth files for NWS products (radar, etc)  (Weather imaging software, books, videos, archived data, etc.)

NASA Worldview Satellite Page
GOES-16 and GOES-17 Images and Loops
NASA Regional Satellite Images  (Can create loops, etc)
Newer high-resolution satellite images and loops
Loop of Precipitable Water
GOES Satellite Images  (Satellite images and loops)
NEXSAT Satellite Images
Aviation Weather Center satellite images
Global Infrared Satellite Image and Global Satellite and With Surface Temperature
Satellite Images and Loops
Western US Images  (Visible and IR satellite images in the western US)

Radar and Rainfall
National Radar  
Precipitation Data and Archived Daily/Monthly Totals
High-Resolution Radar Images on  (Wide variety of radar images and other weather graphics; requires a paid subscription)
Southern California Real-Time Rainfall Totals
CoCoRaHS Precipitation reporting network

Real-Time US Lighting Map, Updates Every Few Seconds
Satellite and Lightning overlay loop accessed from Main page

US Radar-Estimated Precipitation Maps: (Hourly and storm totals can also be obtained for individual sites through NWS radar map above)
Daily Estimated Precipitation Map
Weekly Estimated Precipitation Map

Radar-Estimated Precipitation and other information from the various National Weather Service River Forecast Centers

Surface Maps
National Weather Service Surface Maps  (U.S. surface observations, etc)
Other Surface Maps  (RAP/UCAR)

Upper-Air and Skew-T Plots
RAP/UCAR Upper Air Data  (Upper-air maps and skew-t plots from around North America)
Radiosonde Data  (Radiosonde data on U of Wyoming server)  (Upper-air maps and soundings, etc)
Model Sounding Plots  (Soundings based on forecast models)
US Surface and Upper-Air Maps  (Surface and upper-air maps as a user-defined level)
Satellite-derived sounding data

Weather and Highway Cameras:

Western U.S. Weather and Highway Cameras
Weatherbug cameras

Severe Weather:

Storm Prediction Center  (Current watches and warnings, storm reports, forecasts, discussions, etc)
SPC Forecast Tools Page
NWS Current Watches, Warnings, and Advisories  (Clickable US map)
National Severe Storms Laboratory  (Lots of research and general information about severe weather)
Real-Time US Lighting Map, Updates Every Few Seconds
Climate Prediction Center Hazards Assessment

Skiing and Avalanche Conditions:  (Ski reports and conditions worldwide)
Avalanche conditions and forecasts in the western U.S.  (Weather forecasts and more, for ski resorts worldwide)  (Utah ski conditions and weather)  (Colorado ski conditions)

Aviation Weather:

National Weather Service Aviation Weather  (includes Icing Information and Flight Path Tool)
Archived PIREPs

Marine and Ocean Weather:

National Data Buoy Center  (Weather and ocean surface observations from buoys)
Links to some marine weather sites
Current Global Sea-Surface Temperature and Global Sea-Surface Temperature Animation
National Hurricane Center  (Hurricanes and Tropical Weather)

Weather Forecast Models:

Global Models
NCEP Model Forecasts  (Model forecast maps from National Centers for Environment Prediction)
ECMWF  (European model)
Meteocentre Page  (contains data from GFS, ECMWF, GEM, UKMET, and NAM Models)
University of Utah model page forecast model page  (has a variety of customized displays including various forecast models)  (Map includes current conditons, forecast model data, etc in right panel)  ( forecast model data page)
RAP/UCAR Model Page  (Plots meteorological variables from various forecast models; also includes cloud layer data with supercooled water)
Penn State University Model Page
Forecast Model Loops Page  (Allows you to view loops of forecast model plots)
ECMWF Data and Comparison to GFS (Forecast Model Comparisons on San Jose State Met page) (Forecast models and other weather data around the world)

Local, Regional, and Specialized Models
WRF Model
SPC Experimental Analysis and Forecast Tools
Regional WRF Models from University of Arizona
RAP/UCAR Model Page  (Plots meteorological variables from various forecast models; also includes cloud layer data with supercooled water)
HRRR Model  (Displays numerous forecast parameters, hourly up to 15 hours)
HYSPLIT Model  (Plots plume trajectories, dispersion, etc based on model data)
Forecast Soundings
BUFKIT sounding data  (Includes links to forecast model data and other data)
CAIC Colorado point forecast model data
CFS long-range forecasts out to six weeks
Other forecast model sounding data can be accessed here and here

Climate Data:

Climate Diagnostics Center
NCDC Geodata Portal   (Access to different types of climate data)
State Climatology Sites  (Clickable US map of state climatology offices)
NOAA Precipitation Data Access
NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation Return Period Data
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones
Lawn and garden climate zones
National Climatic Data Center
MesoWest Data  (Current weather and historical data from automated stations around the US)
El Nino Information Page  (Current El Nino / La Nina status, including a technical discussion)
Historical climate indices: ENSO Index(El Nino/La Nina)   PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation)   NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation)

Regional (station means, histories, etc)
Western Regional Climate Center and historical climate data
High Plains Regional Climate Center
Midwest Regional Climate Center
Northeast Regional Climate Center
Southern Regional Climate Center

Mountain Snowpack and Precipitation/Hydrology Data:

National Water and Climate Center Main Page
Color-Coded Snow Water Percentage Map  (At the bottom of this page are links to the actual snow water percent of normal and water year precipitation percent of normal for the western US).
SNOTEL Maps and Graphs  (Select a site from the map, or use this page.)
Current and Past SNOTEL Basin Reports
Seasonal Snow Graphs by Basin
Index of Western U.S. Seasonal Snow Water Equivalent Plots
Links to Individual State Snow Surveys  (SNOTEL and snowcourse data for each western state)
National Weather Service River Forecast Centers

Archived Data:

GOES Satellite Archive  (Archive of hourly satellite images going back a couple of years, can display loops)
NCDC High-Resolution Radar Archive   (Archive of radar at U.S. sites, online display)
High-Resolution Radar Data, Level II and III  (Get the required software here)
NCAR/RAP Radar Archive  (Archive of recent images, can display loops, etc)
Archive of Storm Reports, or try This page
Archive back to late '90s including maps, radar, satellite, storm reports, etc
Observed and Estimated Precipitation Data Archive for the United States
SPC Upper Air Maps  (Archive of upper air maps from 1998-present)
U of Wyoming Sounding Archive  (Radiosonde data from 1973-present)
NOAA Sounding (Radiosonde) Archive
Archived Pilot Reports
SNOTEL Report Generator  (Customized daily snowpack reports)
Historical Climate Data in the Western US  (Data from observation stations in the western US)
Southwestern US Climate and Environmental Data (Newer version of the site listed above)
Current and Historical Streamflow Data
SPC Image Archive
NOAA Precipitation Data Access

Weather Instrumentation and Data Services:    (Note: Numerous vendors of weather instruments and weather data products can be found using an online search. Here are just a few examples. This is not an endorsement of these vendors or products).

Weather Instruments and Equipment
Campbell Scientific
Davis Instruments
Scientific Sales
Wind and Weather
Global Scientific Supply (Laboratory Supply Company)

Links to Astronomical Information:

Sunrise and sunset times, etc
Space Weather


NWS Glossary of Weather Terms and Abbreviations
AWIPS Simulation Console  (Similar to NWS Analyis Products; user registration required)
CoCoRahs Webinar Series (Scroll down on the page to view past presentations)
Information on Dual-Polarization Weather Radar Products and Parameters
Information About Lightning  (Intended mainly for kids)
Links Related to Disaster Preparedness
Tornado safety information
Tornado Safety Information and Links
Time Zones of the World
Solar Radiation Calculator
NWS Wind Chill Chart
Hydrometeorological Center Precipitation Frequency Return Period Point Data
Drought Monitor  (Current drought conditions in the US)
Fire Weather
Agricultural Weather Information
Current and Historical Streamflow Data
National Weather Service Main Page
National Hurricane Center  (Hurricanes and Tropical Weather)
National Water and Climate Center
National Centers for Environmental Prediction
RAP/UCAR Weather Page
Weather Prediction Center  (Precipitation forecasts, weather maps, etc)
Weather-related posters, art, etc.  (Can display local weather conditions on your desktop)
Forensic Meteorology Services
Some Additional Weather Info and Links
Mountaineering Related Forecasting

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